Sanhua Holding Group established in 1984, with philosophy of “Flowers of Management, Technology and Talent”, has taken the lead in over 30-year development and become a famous “kingdom of global refrigeration and air-conditioning control components” at home and abroad. Sanhua Holding Group has devoted itself to developing heat transfer and temperature control products, subsystems and system solutions in the fields of HVAC, home appliance and automotive thermal management. Our products involves residential and commercial air conditioning, refrigeration, home appliance, automotive air conditioning and thermal management system. Our dominant products takes the world’s leading share and Sanhua serves for a majority of global and China’s top 500 enterprises. Its subsidiary Sanhua Intelligent Controls went public in 2005, with winning honorary tiles such as China Quality Award, Top 500 Private Enterprises, Top 500 Manufacturers in China, National Top 100 Mechanical Manufacturers and Top 100 Taxpayers in Zhejiang Province.

Sanhua attaches great importance to technology innovation and has set up world-class R&D centers like Sanhua R&D Center and overseas R&D centers in Austria and America to attract global R&D experts. Sanhua has more than 1000 R&D talents and over 2400 global patents, including over 1500 invention patents and 240 foreign patents. Moreover. Sanhua owns 4 high-tech enterprises, 1 national technology center and 1 CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences) academician workstation.