“Flower of Talents” of Sanhua focuses on people and people oriented is based on strivers. Sanhua devotes itself to the common development of employee and company, and that the company’s achievement

Sanhua in Leaders’ Eyes

Sanhua, as a global advanced expert in the field of thermal management, provides advanced thermal management system solutions and components for residential and commercial air conditioner, commercial refrigeration, industrial refrigeration, small household home appliances and automotive. Paris Agreement will address global climate changes with visions of “developing energy-saving and low-carbon economy and creating green and quality environment”, Sanhua will encounter new development opportunities. All of us are passionate and positive in such an excellent enterprise.

Sanhua in Employees’ Eyes

In Sanhua, you can win recognition as long as you set a goal, take results as orientation and attach importance to working quality. Everyone’s recognition satisfy you to the greatest extent.

In Sanhua

Sharing the Joy of Success

In Sanhua, Leaders of Departments enable everyone to know company’s development strategies, share the joy of success and discuss integration and development of Sanhua subsidiaries by semi-annual and annual business conferences, annual, semi-annual and quarterly performance summary and feedback, tea forums, individual communications, newspaper of Sanhua’ers and WeChat public platform.

Grow Together

In Sanhua, there will be a professional and experienced teacher will help every new employee in production line, R&D department and management posts.

Diversified Welfare

Total compensation includes salary, welfare, project bonus, awards, house-purchasing and equity incentives and so on; diversified welfare include social insurances and housing fund, subsidies for transportation, house and meals, festival tickets, paid vacation, commercial insurance, medical insurance for foreign experts, “group accident insurance” and so on. However, working not merely provide your salaries but also ability promotion .

Personal Style Show

In Sanhua, there are staff family, various sports field and facilities as well as reporting and performance halls. opportunities to take part in various artistic and sports activities every year to show personal style.

Grow together with Sanhua

Monthly Star of Sanhua

I joint Sanhua in 1998 for producing and maintaining moulds. I won the first prize in Shaoxing Young Workers’ Skills Competition and Zhejiang “Mechanical Equipment Installation Worker”; Moreover, I have been successively honored as “Young Post-related Expert of Shaoxing City”, “Excellent Young Post-related Expert of Hangzhou”, “Zhejiang Chief Technician”, “Young Post-related Expert of Zhejiang Province in 2013”, and won “May 1 Labor Award of Zhejiang Province” and so on. Sanhua provides me with a big stage and I make contributions to it in return. Sanhua will have a brighter future with our endeavors.

--Chen Chu, Chief Technician of Zhejiang Province

I tested products after joining Sanhua in 1999. Occasionally, I submitted an article to newspaper of Sanhua’ers and then it was published, which delighted me. Once, I become statistician of quality division Afterwards, I have been gradually promoted to be quality for my ceaseless endeavors, good writing and communication skills.

--- Zhou Ying, QualityManager of Business Department