The Spirit of Craftsmanship in Glorious Zhejiang Businessmen ——CEO Zhang Yabo won the honor of the 3rd Global Glorious Zhejiang Businessmen

On December 24th, 2016 Annual Meeting of Global Glorious Businessmen and the Spirit of Craftsmanship Forum was held in Hangzhou. Zhang Yabo, CEO of Sanhua Holding Group, and other 7 outstanding Zhejiang Businessmen were rewarded the honor of the 3rd Global Glorious Zhejiang Businessmen.

“Where there is achievement, there is glory.” Global Glorious Zhejiang Businessmen Forum was hosted by Zhejiang Daily initially in April 2013. It selects remarkable Zhejiang Businessmen worldwide every year, who make a great contribution in the development of enterprise and social responsibility. This year, the forum was co-sponsored by Zhejiang Daily Media Group, Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University, Zhejiang and One TV. Since the theme was “Great spirit of the craftsmanship, Great quality of made in China”, the forum attracted more than 100 elites at home and abroad.

As a hot word in economy this year, the spirit of the craftsmanship aroused a heated discussion. Representatives all agreed that the fundamental of the spirit were concentration and persistence. The spirit of craftsmanship was not only the pursuit of keeping development, or the source of innovation and breakthrough, but also the insistence of staying true to the mission for decades.

Regarded as one of main guests, CEO Zhang Yabo attended the forum this year. He said, “The glorious Zhejiang Businessmen is more than an honor, but responsibility. Although the spirit of craftsmanship is invisible, products and technology are not able to be done the best without it. In this way, Sanhua has been staying true to the mission in the industry. And unconsciously it became the first in global market naturally, especially has made some efforts to global energy conservation and emission reduction during the last 30 years. In the future, Sanhua will keep going and continue to make contribution to global environmental protection and reducing carbon emission and leading technology!”