From Adore to Obessetion, Wonderful with enduring

——fighter of Sanhua and technology innovation, Wei Xianrang

Wei Xianrang, who won the 2nd Sanhua Technology Achievement Award, is the vice director and technology minister of solenoid valve division. He jioned Sanhua in 2002 when gratuated, and devoted himself to the exploitation of the first generation of electronic expansion valve. In the next several years, he led his team to exploit the second and the third generation EEV, which made him became the real core leader of major products’ exploitation team. From conception, design, technology, procurement of the product to the verification of components and parts, the test of finished products and the dividing of testing center, Wei’s work involved in every aspect. With his concentration and patience, the third generation of electronic expansion valve achieved authentic originality, including the originality of construction, technology, raw material and so on.

These years, Wei Xianrang individually (or cooperated with colleagues) applied for 71 patents and patented 35 of them, which included 27 patents for invention, 7 patents for utility model and one patent of appearance. He also won the awardS of “one of Xinchang top ten innovative talents”, “Xinchang Model Employee”, “Technology Improving Award of Sanhua Holding Group” etc.

In 2015, Wei Xianrang held the post of technology minister of electronic expansion valve division. He walked out of his own field of product exploitation to management. In the new position, he kept thinking how to promote and upgrade products of mass production. Once he accepted a project of solving poor market of complete appliance, which needed help of component supplier. On the one side, Wei and his team considered to optimize design. On the other side, they had to reduce cost. By listening to all useful opinions and working overtime, Wei presented a new program in a short time and verified. The program worked out the problem and the cost reduced obviously. What’s more, even the noise reduced evidently. Thanks to Wei and his achievements, Sanhua realized exclusive supply of material to the customer and stood out from the competition.

We Xianrang has stuck to his post for 14 years from a young man just because of love and persistence. He witnessed EEV from the exploitation to mass production, from primary stage to leader in the market. As the core backbone and leader, Wei and his team made great contribution to EEV exploitation, design promotion, technology transformation, intellectual property protection and so on. Electronic expansion valve became the new major product after service valve and 4-way reversing valve. Sanhua arrived another fastigium of innovation.  

“Where there is hope, there are flowers blossoming.” Wei Xianrang and his team will burst into bloom with Sanhua in the future.