Sanhua Holding Group Holds 2017 Annual Management Meeting

On January 1st, Sanhua Holding Group 2017 annual management meeting was held in Xinchang Meizhu Industry Park Meeting Center. The meeting was hosted by vice president Mr. Wang Dayong. Total of 600 Sanhua staff attended this meeting, including members of board of directors and members of standing committee.

The general agenda of the meeting is to conclude 2016 annual management and analyze macro-economy and industry development domestic and abroad, then put forward operation goals and tasks in 2017.

Mr. Zhang Yabo, President of Sanhua Holding Group gave general operation report firstly.

President Zhang points out that Sanhua achieved good results with all Sanhua members hard working though the tough economy and policy conditions. The total turnover in 2016 is 19.2 billion, up 10%, with the profit 1.22 billion, up above 20%; The income of foreign trade is 0.43 billion dollar, up 10%, among which the oversea income of overseas production is 0.156 billion dollar, up 7%; rate payment is 0.83 billion yuan, among which actual rate payment in Xinchang is 0.314 billion yuan, up 11.4%. At the end of 2016, the whole asset of Sanhua is 14.3 billion yuan, and the net asset is 7.4 billion yuan.

President Zhang Daocai was invited to attend B20 and discussed “employment and economic growth” because of his great influence in global industry during G20 Summit was held in Hangzhou, which is Sanhua first show in global economic discussion. The exciting news is that Sanhua has been invited to attend 2017 B20 Berlin Summit to discuss “Resource, Energy and Environment”. Sanhua’s participation in great global stage to discuss regulations and actions pushes Sanhua from China’s industry leader to global industry leader.

Then President Zhang Yabo concluded 2016 Sanhua Holding Group performance with five sections.

First, Sanhua Holding Group completed organization chart and emphasized on tracking important products and projects and driving special management project, as well as finance, human resource, audit and IT. Sanhua Group’s strategy plan and annual operation project are also managed effectively.

Second, Sanhua Intelligence Control spent sustained follow-up with the organization structure of the company, improving the development pattern of 8 business units go hand in hand, strengthen internal coordination, comprehensive building a global industry leader.

Third, Sanhua Automotive and Sanhua R&D Center strengthened integration of technical development and management, strategic product development and promotion made great breakthrough, seize market opportunity of new energy vehicle thermal management systems and control units worldwide in the areas of market opportunity, which is the highlights of Sanhua in 2016 strategic development highlights.

Fourth, Sanhua financial and capital investment is in the right track, becoming the company's benefits. Real estate businesses accelerate the consumption of inventory.

Fifth, Sanhua successfully hosted the second session of the first scientific and technological innovation congress with solemn recognition of advanced representatives in science and technology innovation, which further create a thick atmosphere to advocate technology and encourage innovation,.

Meanwhile, President Zhang Yabo made objective analysis and noted that there are still product quality problems, inadequate cross-business unit of crosscutting developments, several subsidiaries functional departments’ weaknesses, and proposed improvement measures.

About the economic and industry conditions for the coming year, President Zhang Yabo pointed out that 2017 will be the year of change, more volatile and uncertain; while a new round of scientific and technological innovation has also been unprecedented quick footsteps coming to us, many traditional industries would lead to disruptive changes. Therefore, "it was the best of times, it is also the most dangerous time", president Zhang Yabo pointed out that holding group business guidelines for 2017: not only with speed "strain", but also "One-seize-fit-all solution ".

To fast strain, is always keep keen sense, alert attention and insight force on market changes, always close to market, focus on short-term fast changes like customer needs, exchange rate and raw materials, made fast response, decision and action to ensure not missing opportunities, and not off into trap, make right response timely to changes, prevent and resolve short-term market fluctuations of uncertainty risk.

One-seize-fit-all solution is that Sanhua insisted in researching and products innovation regardless of market fluctuations. Sanhua sets force and perseverance on energy-saving emissions and intelligent controls, keeps tight caught on products development innovation to create real value for customer, without being interfered by short-term changes, always ensure resources input to guarantee development innovation smoothly.

For 2017 annual business targets and key work, President Zhang Yabo pointed out that according to new statistics caliber measuring (removing business data like copper trade, overseas production, financial and real estate), Sanhua Holding Group plans to achieve sales income 12.7 billion yuan in 2017, with overseas sales of overseas production, the total is 13.8 billion yuan, to achieve profit 1.47 billion yuan, up above 20% ; to achieve foreign trade export 444 million dollars, compared growth 3%; to realize overseas sales of overseas production 173 million dollars, up 11%.

Sanhua will continue to enhance product quality management and enhance Sanhua global development, deepen and strengthen effectiveness management to group strategic and business plan from accounting and finance, human resource, industrial, intellectual property, information technology, audit and other areas. To strengthen base, expanse advantage and complement disadvantage to ensure the completion of annual business targets and priority tasks.

Sanhua vehicle will lay new foundations to meet the development by focusing on processing important project, major project development, key account marketing and investment layout in 2017 as a " bigger challenging year".

Sanhua refrigeration & air conditioning industry will continue to quick reaction and opportunities capture on market changes, according to different development stages and development features; strengthen internal management; strengthen new products and technology development innovation and market promotion; strengthen globalization business advance efforts; strengthen excellent talents training and reservation; grasp collaboration of different works, upgrade Sanhua’s competition advantage in main field consolidation; achieve market breakthrough in new products, and new business.

Sanhua finance and capital investment will continue to forward with fixed income, Pre-IPO and industrial funds "troika" investment development go hand in hand adhere to the premise of steady development of risk control, to create certain financial benefits, reserves good investment projects, extend social resources of industry cooperation. Sanhua real estate will continue to consume inventory and seize the opportunity to promote construction and benefit plan of Hangzhou project.

After President Zhang Yabo finishing the whole report, General Manager of Residential Division, Mr. Wang Dayong and chiefs from eight business units make reports respectively, summarizing operation results in 2016 and proposing annual business goals and priority tasks in 2017.

Finally, Sanhua Holding Group President Zhang Daocai made an important speech. President Zhang Daocai deeply analyzed 2017 macroeconomic situations, pointing out that maximum uncertain factors is economic policy and its effects on global economic of American new government, and China actual effectiveness about economic transformation; Mr. Zhang analyzed changes of global market competition focus and pointed out that from enterprise view, "supply side reform" is strengthening technology innovation, promoting products innovation, meet constant market needs, to break development of ceiling, create new development. Accordingly, President Zhang Daocai put forward new objectives and requirements 2017 for long-term management and strategic development:

From the "devoting and leading" to "innovation and exceeding" is Sanhua leadership team’s glorious and important mission, to become the top three in the world, and strive for the first with product and technology innovations in every industry segments.

From Sanhua’s industry development: in refrigeration & air conditioning control , Sanhua continues to highlight energy conservation and emissions reduction, develop environmentally friendly products and technology, promote its application in commercial refrigeration air conditioning, and extend to home appliances energy-saving control, and analyze possibilities of in-depth research and "Internet +" , possibilities of appliances intelligence and home intelligence, speed up Sanhua’ layout and development in intelligent control technology to go ahead in industry intelligent development.

In new energy vehicle thermal management system and control, Sanhua continues to in-depth "research systems, develop components", make components perfect, and main products leading; to first set grand strategy target, from control components to system integrated upgrade. In new energy vehicle HP air conditioning and thermal management system, Sanhua tries to become world top three, and becomes supplier for global famous vehicle manufacturer and struggles for "10 billion Sanhua" to "100 billion Sanhua".

From Sanhua talents :

the key of all success lies in talents. Therefore, Sanhua leadership team should suck global industry elites with more broad minds, more high vision and more wise thought and method. Take everyone’s initiative and creativity to make achievements with Sanhua and make great contribution to human green quality life!