Independent Innovation Let World Love Made in China --SanhuaAttending the 2ndAnnual ChinaManufacturing Summit

On July 23rd, the 2ndAnnual China Manufacturing SummitIndependent Innovation Let World Love Made in Chinawas held in Great Hall of the People, Beijing. This summit was held under the guidance of Ministry of Science and Technology, jointly organized by China Federation of Machinery Industry, China Quality Association, the Xinhua News Agency and Gree Electric Appliances Inc. etc.Mr. Zhang Yabo, CEO of Sanhua Holding Group, was invited to attend the summit, and join the summit dialogue that focused on Innovation Let World Love Made in China.

On the National Science and Technology Innovation Meeting and Chinese Academy of Sciences & Chinese Academy of Engineering Meeting that held in May, 2016, chairmanXi Jinping announced that the government will promoteChina manufacturing to Chinainnovation, China speed to China quality, China products to China brands, which generalize and profoundly expound thecharacteristics of Chinese manufacturing business and develop directions in the future. As a top forum of China manufacturing business, the attendees discussed the achievement and shortages of manufacturing business based on a wide range of market practice and theory thinking, eagerly looking forward to the future development of Chinese manufacturing blueprint. Zhang Jianxing, People’s Daily delivered the welcoming address, followed by the excellent speeches by Zhang Gang from State Council, Wang Ruixiang from China Federation of Machinery Industry, Wang Jinyu from China Quality Association, Liu Baicheng from Chinese Academy of Engineering, Wuliang from Liao Wang Institution, GaoHongwei from China Aerospace Science and Industry Co., Si Zefu from Harbin Electric Corporation, Dong Mingzhu from Gree Electric Appliances Inc., ShenJianfang from Highly Co.,Ltd. The industrial representatives, scholars as well as business leaders delivered speeches on the topics of China manufacturing integrity origin, quality standards, foundation innovation, brand communication, intelligent manufacturing as well as designs.

In the second seminar, business leaders, scholars and senior media professionalsheld two top-forums on the subject of the Future of China Manufacturing: Professionalization VS Diversificationand Innovation let world love Made in China. Innovation experiences of Chinese national enterprises are being shared and new innovation pathof Made in China development are being discussed.

Mr. Zhang Yabo, CEO of Sanhua Holding Group, was invited as special guestand attended the top-forum Innovation let world love Made in China. He generally briefedthe history of Sanhua and important choice-made at different turning point, namely, by independent innovation to provide advanced and energy-saving system solution, and contributeto the greenenergy development. Mr. Zhang specially pointed out that firstly, the innovation foundation of Sanhua is to consider customers’ present and future needs and consistently create value for them, which has been put into practice for more than 30 years; secondly, Sanhua still struggles the road of innovation with great caution, as innovation consists of all kinds of uncertainties, such as change of market environment, adjustment of customers’ needs, change of technology route. Sanhua has tasted the sweet fruit of innovation by continuous effort. Days before, Sanhua has become a successful supplier for the world-renowned electricvehicle manufacturer and successfully reduced the energy efficiency of battery cooling system by 30%. The joy not only resides in the created business value but also in the amount of energy efficiency it saved by applying into each automobiles as well in the contribution for the human’s sustainable development, of which later two factors are the fundamentaldrives for Sanhua’s innovation. It not only speaks out in words, but also represents in actions, which brings the hope and pride for China manufacturing, comment by CCTV famous presenter, Chen Weihong

At the end of summit, the present enterprisers co-released Made-in-China Innovation Declaration and announced that they will join hand in hand to express the loudest voice of Made in China:

“Confirm independent innovation, and leap from Made in China to Created in China

Hold spirit of craftsman, and leap from China speed to China quality;

Stick to core technology and leap from China products to China brands;

Keep firm and forever in faith that let world love Made in China.”

Reported by Sanhua News Agency