Sanhua Holding Group Ranks Twentieth of Top 100 Machinery Industry Enterprises

On June 15, China top 100 machinery industry enterprises and top 30 automobile industry enterprises press conference was held in Binghai New District, Tianjing. Accing to machinery and auto industry statistics of 2016, China Machinery Industry Federation and China Association of Automobile Manufactures announced the winners.

Sanhua Holding Group ranks twentieth of top 100 machinery industry enterprises.

Devoting itself to HVAC&R, home appliance and automotive thermal manangement, Sanhua serves top 500 global corporations and top 500 Chinese companies. Manufacturing bases are distributed in China, Poland, America and Mexico, with 10 branches in North America, Europe, Japan, South Korea and Asia. The turnover of 2016 is 19.2 billion.

More than thirty years of endeavor, Sanhua have made a great breakthrough in key fields with numberous core technologies and seld-owned intellectual property rights, like new energy vehicles thermal management systems, electronic expansion valve technology for automobile air conditioning and micro channel heat exchanger technology. All these have d great benifits both for Sanhua and industry.