SANHUA Automotive Witnessed the Launch of the Tesla Model 3 New Energy Vehicle Drives the Future

US Pacific Time, July 28 evening, Tesla held a grand launch at the Fremont factory in California, Tesla employees, owners, fans, media and suppliers witnessed the most important strategic model of Tesla's so far, the Tesla Model 3.

SANHUA Automotive, as an important new energy vehicle thermal management solution provider, was invited by Tesla to attend the launch.

CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, drove a red Model 3 to the stage he made a speech. Two core versions of the Tesla Model 3 are being offered for sale, the standard and longer range models. The standard car comes in at a price of $35,000. The standard Model 3 has a 220-mile range (about 350km), a 5.6s 0-60mph time and a 130mph top speed. For $44,000 you can have the longer range model. That car ups the ante with an official range of 310 miles, a 5.1s 0-60mph time and a 140mph top speed. Based on reservation figures, Tesla could have a considerable backlog of over 400,000 ers to clear once Model 3 production has ramped up to full speed at the firm’s factory in Fremont, California.

After he drove the car Mr. Stone Shi, GM of SANHUA Automotive said: “The M3 has a very simple design but very powerful functions, you deserve to have it”.

>The new energy vehicle sales trend is accelerating globally. Many traditional OEMs have laid out their new energy vehicle strategies and have expanding business plans in this sector. Tesla’s pioneering effort to build the Model 3, the world’s first affable, high volume new energy vehicle will directly stimulate the global industrial chain and push other OEMs to also quickly develop electric vehicles.

This rapid upgrade from conventional to new energy vehicles will bring great scientific innovations and applications, among which thermal management is an important part. SANHUA Automotive, as a component and full integration provider in electric vehicle heat pump and battery thermal management systems, provides scientific innovation and functions as a benchmark in this new industry’s revolution.

SANHUA Automotive’s strategic direction in advancing new energy vehicle thermal management developments with large investments in R&D will serve its customers, promote industrial revolution and lead the industry by creating new technologies and innovative products.

Mr. Shi of SANHUA Automotive summarized his visit to Silicon Valley as: attended the grand launch of the Tesla Model 3 and once again experienced the passion brought by Elon Musk; drove the Model 3 and experienced the extremely simple but great innovative design and technology; had the privilege of meeting the founder of Tesla and its first CEO Martin Eberhard, we discussed future global EV strategies. It was a rewarding visit.

The age of New Energy Vehicle is coming.

SANHUA Automotive is ready, how about you?