Build inviting platform, Take incentive mechanism and Create innovative culture

Editor's note——On October 18, the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was held in Beijing. General Serectary Xi Jinping put forward that socialism with Chinese acteristics for a new era has come. He stressed that we Chinese people must adhere to innovation, coination, green, open and shared unswervingly, and innovation and entrepreneurship should be strongly advocated. About the report of the 19th CPC National Congress, let's listen to what Sanhua group's chairman Mr. Zhang Daocai said.

“Learning to General Serectary Xi Jinping’s speech, I am really impressed with the innovation. The key to technology innovation is talents. Therefore, Sanhua make efforts to "Build inviting platform, take incentive mechanism and innovative culture" to build the best talents team and led by focusing on creative innovation in global industry.”

——To build inviting platform is to build an attractive career development platform and invite excellent talents to start a business together. Sanhua staff are dedicated to develop leading technology and perfect products to reduce energy consumption so that we make a beautiful world for future generations.

——To take incentive mechanism is to research incentive system of technology innovation thoroughly. Technicians would like to become interest-related materially and pursue life meaning and conviction mentally through good incentive system. They could get recognition, work happily and gain sense of accomplishment and honor from technology innovation.

——To innovative culture is not only to encourage the spirit of innovation and exploration, but also to tolerate failure on the road to innovation. Talents shall be given full play to creativity and initiative to promote fruits of innovation and wisdom!

Last but not least, we hope that under the guidance of the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, China will strengthen intellectual property protection further, enhance industry standard of energy efficiency, encourage more talents to do innovation and let the world fall in love with high quality and low price, innovative and excellence things made in China.