Orientation for Newcomers

A 18-day orientation is given to help new graduates shift from being a student to being a staff with good understanding of Sanhua culture, regulations and teamwork.

The orientation begun with general course,  Mr. Chen Fangsheng from Sanhua Commercial introduced curriculum, and Mr. Ding Yuanjun put forward training objective and role transition.

Mr. Mo Yang, Mr. Mei Guofu, Mr. Ye Genping and Ms. Zhang Juan from Holding Group gave lextures respectively, including Sanhua history, culture, rules, human resourse strategy, as well as professional code. Lecturers shared their rich career experience, like result orientation, sense of ownership, think and act like a boss, and so on.

“Enterprise is the tree, talents are roots; how deep the roots are, how prosperous the tree will be.” Attracting telents by enterprise culture and inspiring talents by long-term career planning. Sanhua builds a continue-learning global team to pursue commom goal of enterprise and individual. With more talents jointing in Sanhua team and striving for Sanhua , we will have a brilliant future.