Mr. Zhang Yabo: Sanhua Advocates Innovation

In -October 2017, Zhejiang Daily interviewed Mr. Zhang Yabo, Vice Chairman of Sanhua Group Board in Sanhua Hangzhou Industrial Park. We learn his wisdom and dream from the interview “Live, just warm others”.

Mr. Zhang Yabo introduced the philosophy of “SANHUA ( three flowers)”: "flower of management, technology and talent”. He also introduced the core competitiveness in Sanhua’s 33 years’ development, the confidence in global competition, the story of Sanhua winning China Quality Award and the PACE Award, and Sanhua’s deep thinking of innovation. Mr. Zhang talked about the quality, spirit and work passion that a good entrepreneur owns, the greatest opportunities and challenges that Sanhua confronts now and the vision that Sanhua holds for the future etc.

--Sanhua paid high attention to management and talent in the past 33 years of development, growing gradually from “nothing"to “owning”, from “existing” to “excellent”, and now Sanhua is upgrading from “excellent” to “ingenious”. Sanhua attaches great importance to talent and product quality all the while.

--Sanhua has outstanding team that strives together with the guidance of defined vision; Sanhua also has rich accumulation of technological innovation, intellectual property, finance as well as customers’ recognition and identity.

--Sanhua advocates innovation and gains success in general. Since now Sanhua is in the position of industry innovation, more tolerance should be given to failures and mistakes in innovation. Failure teaches team to grow in a sense. It is very important that an enterprise look further afield. We are so much afraid of failure that we must explore the future developing opportunities right now.

--In the future, Sanhua will still focus on its professional fields, continuing to do technical innovation around the key technology of heat pump, to provide technical solutions for household appliance, commercial refrigeration and new energy vehicle heat management etc. Through technical innovation, Sanhua provides more energy-saving solutions for customers and remains more energy and beautiful scenery for future generations.

Mr. Zhang Yabo talks with the host Ms. Zhu Yan.

Mr. Zhang Yabo’s signature.

Mr. Zhang Yabo reads《My Dream》.

Both sides shake hands after interview.

Photo of Mr. Zhang Yabo, the host and colleagues.