SANHUA Automotive and NIO sign a strategic cooperation agreement

Shanghai, China, Nov. 7, 2017-- SANHUA Automotive and NIO signed a strategic cooperation agreement at NIO building. About 100 representatives from SANHUA Automotive and NIO ed up to witness the historic moment.

At about 9:10 a.m., SANHUA Automotive TechShow displayed SANHUA Automotive new energy vehicle thermal management products, such as electronic expansion valve which won an Automotive News PACE Award for innovation, electronic coolant pumps in a wide power range.

Mr. Stone Shi made a speech first. He said that NIO’s innovation and efficiency touched him a lot. That NIO’s “to feel positive again about owning a car” and “to shape a joyful lifestyle for our users” really enlightened him and made we recognize the real need for change. SANHUA Automotive have grown rapidly in EV thermal management in recent years, which become preferred supplier in this field. SANHUA Automotive places a high premium on cooperation with NIO, and very happy to be NIO’s strategic partner. SANHUA Automotive will keep developing products and technology and provide best products and service for customer.

Mr. Zhong Wanli, NIO’s vice president of global procurement, said NIO is developing very fast and will go better with SANHUA Automotive support. SANHUA Automotive providing high-quality products helps NIO’s products more competitive in the market and meet user’s need better. Mr. Zhong thanked SANHUA Automotive’s support in NIO’s ES8, including manpower, process and business support. Mr. Zhong hoped that NIO gets more technology and team support from SANHUA Automotive.

At 10:30 a.m., the signing ceremony between SANHUA Automotive and NIO officially began.

Mr. Li Bin, the founder and CEO of NIO gave a speech. He mentioned that SANHUA Automotive is the first Chinese car air conditioning component supplier who sign with NIO and “SANHUA Automotive is really important to NIO”. Mr. Li said NIO attaches great importance to excellent SC partner and hopes to get strong support from partner. He also introduced NIO’s progress and all goes well with assembly line, product testing, marketing, as well as follow-up product development. NIO welcomes new technology and hopes SANHUA Automotive and NIO keep close communication and grow together.

Mr. Zhang Yabo thanked Mr. Li Bin and NIO in his speech. NIO’s aspiration really moved SANHUA Automotive team. With the policy of encouraging green development, Chinese government firmly promoted new energy vehicles industry. NIO owns global research layout and world-class engineers that we believe NIO will be a successful car company. SANHUA have the same vision of blue sky with NIO.  SANHUA Automotive will devote all our efforts to the innovation of technology and products. Then Mr. Zhang introduced SANHUA Automotive leading technology of heat pump system, such as CO2, R290 systems. SANHUA respects customer’s technical path choice, will also be willing to share SANHUA’s technology.

Then Mr. Stone Shi, on behalf of SANHUA Automotive and Mr. Yang Wanli, on behalf of NIO signed the strategic partnership agreement. Mr. Zhang Yabo  exchanged gifts with Mr. Li Bin, marking the formal beginning of mutual cooperation.