About 150 people in total from Shanghai Air conditioning and Refrigeration Industry Association (SARIA for short) visited SANHUA Meizhu Industry Park on Jan. 6, 2018.

Why SARIA chose Xinchang this year? Not only Xinchang owns unique and beautiful scenery, but it is important district of Chinese HVAC&R components, which SANHUA is founded here, developing and reaching out to the world.

At 2:00 p.m., 150 SARIA people under the leadership of president Mr. Jixing Pan and secretary-general Mr. Naiyu Shao, reached SANHUA Meizhu Industry Park. GM Mr. Yuzhong Chen, sales director Mr. Alex Wang, sales manager Mr. Bojun Yu, and marketing manager Mr. Mckie Meng from SANHUA Commercial received the guests.

After a welcome speech from Mr. Chen, Mckie Meng made a presentation, in which he introduced SANHUA vision of “to low-carbon footprint innovations that provide energy-savings to support a high quality fresh and pure global environment” is in acc with with global trend of “energy saving and emission reduction”, and Mckie reviewed SANHUA Commercial 2017 at the same time.

Then Mckie Meng and Tiger Zhou made a presentation about “Analysis of valves trend” and “Analysis of electronic expansion valve in refrigeration application” respectively.

At last, all participants visited Sanhua product exhibition room and factory history exhibition room, and take a group picture together.