SANHUA Joins ERES Taskforce of the B20 Argentina

On February 1st, Sanhua Holding Group received an official email from South America: the 2018 B20 Taskforce welcomed SANHUA to be one of the taskforce members of Energy, Resource Efficiency & Sustainability (short for ERES).

To tackle the development of consensus based concrete policy proposals from the private sector with the objective of generating more and better jobs, sustained growth and development, the B20 Argentina has eight taskforces: 1)Employment & Education; 2)Digital Economy & Industry 4.0; 3)Financing Growth & Infrastructure; 4)Trade & Investment; 5)Sustainable Food System; 6) Energy, Resource Efficiency & Sustainability; 7) SMEs Development; 8) Integrity & Compliance.

The chairman of ERES taskforce is Miguel Gutierrez, who is the chairman of YPF, Argentina’s state-controlled and leading energy company, which is operating a fully integrated oil and gas chain.

In 2016 Hangzhou B20 Summit, SANHUA joined Employment Taskforce. SANHUA Chairman Mr. Zhang Daocai, accompanied by Chief Scientist Dr. Huang Lin-jie, participated in the Summit and proposed the recommendation that by technological innovation, more jobs of high-quality would be d. which gained high recognition and praise among the attendees. Meanwhile, it also had been a part of B20 Policy Paper, which was submitted to G20 leaders during the B20 summit .

SANHUA joined Germany 2017 B20 Taskforce of Energy, Climate & Resource Efficiency. SANHUA president Mr. Zhang Yabo signed up for the meeting, and Dr. Huang Lin-jie participate in B20 meetings as reprentative. SANHUA proposed that by accelerating global carbon trading market, energy-saving low-carbon technology will get faster development and gain wider market application, which became one of the highlights in the Summit.

The B20 Argentina summit will be held from October 4th to 5th in Buenos Aires City. Discussions and working sessions to generate the B20 recommendations will take place within a series of events and teleconference throughout the year. Seven to eight taskforce calls or meetings will be conducted to develop recommendations and streamline advocacy, namely four individual TF conference calls, two face-to-face meetings, one joint TF meetings and the B20 Summit. The process involves the constitution of taskforces (TFs) of around 100 business representatives of the entire G20 and invited ries. After a 7-month period of discussions, the B20 will be ready to submit its policy recommendation to the G20 leaders.

The participation to Argentina B20 summit is the third time for SANHUA B20 experience. Once again, SANHUA will share with the world its green development wisdom on the world political and economic stage, absorb the leading governance insight and assert its strong commitment to green development.