SANHUA Joins EV CO2 Heat Pump System Technology Consortium

On March 14th, eight people gathered at Dongfeng Motor Corporation Technical Center in Wuhan, who are experts in new energy thermal management, and came to witness the signing ceremony of EV Air Conditioning CO2 Heat Pump System Development Agreement. Mr. Zhou Jiangfeng, Deputy Manager of SANHUA R&D Center New Energy and Mr. Pan Yong, GM Assistant of SANHUA Automotive attended the meeting and signed the Agreement.

The technology consortium is comprised of eight companies or institutes, namely, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, Hangzhou SANHUA Research Institute Co., Ltd, Zhejiang SANHUA Automotive Components Co., Ltd, Xi’an Jiaotong University, GMCC, Yuxin Motor Air Conditioning Co., Ltd, Shanghai Fengtian Electronic Co., Ltd and Nanjing Lide Oriental Rubber and Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. The consortium aims at promoting the industrialization of EV Air Conditioning CO2 heat pump system by covering the chain of production, education and research, and cooperating on the improvement of function, performance and reliability.

R134a, the refrigerant with greenhouse effect currently used in automobile air conditioning industry, is facing a huge pressure of being replaced. The low GWP refrigerants are being searched and researched in the major developed ries of the world, among which CO2 is considered to be one of the most promising alternatives due to its high efficiency and environmental safety. That CO2 is applied to automobile heat pump system will give full play to the advantages of high environmental protection, low price and high heating efficiency of the refrigerant.

SANHUA and Dongfeng Tech Center has been conducting exchanged visits on CO2 heat pump system application in EV air conditioning since 2015. SANHUA will research systems and develop products based on customer’s needs, and provide world-leading components such as CO2 valves and heat exchanger. The Establishment of the Technology Consortium is a big milestone for promoting CO2 heat pump system application in new energy vehicles.