Sanhua Receives the Listed Company Association of Zhejiang

On July 12th, Mr. Chen Guoping, president of the Listed Company Association of Zhejiang, Ms Wang Hongwen, deputy president and secretary-general, Mr. Wang Tingge, president of Zhejiang Materials Industry Group visited Sanhua and had a meeting with Mr. Zhang Yabo.

Mr. Zhang talked about Sanhua’s situation and future direction. He particularly introduced Hangzhou Sanhua Industry Park, which built in 2003 and mainly used to develop automotive components, micro-channel heat exchanger and inverter controller. Automotive components are mainly technology solutions in automotive thermal management. Micro-channel heat exchangers are applied in commercial refrigeration and air conditioning, it is the first time that Sanhua applied MCHE technology HVAC&R. Inverter controller is intelligent product that Sanhua owns software’s source code, whose core chip helps customers dramatically reduce the cost. Zhang said: Sanhua devotes itself to heat pump technology, combined with inverter technology and fluid technology, to innovate technology and expand their applications.

Sanhua keeps a close eye on the Sino-US trade war, and Mr. Zhang thought that in the short term, the trade war carries little weight on Sanhua, for which Sanhua provides a full range of package products and solutions and has a close relationship with customers; and in the medium and long term, Sanhua will speed up overseas manufacturing bases, typically in Mexico and Southeast Asia.

Mr. Chen thought that technological upgrading is the foundation when confronted with trade war, while globalization is the key. An enterprise should deepen, specialize and refine technologies to open up new markets and new applications. Chen spoke highly of Sanhua having a strong sense of direction, grasping industry trend and sticking to the road chosen. Mr. Wang shared his opinion on enterprise management there is no future if an enterprise has no strategy and innovation; and no market if no talents.

Mr. Zhang expressed his gratitude for Mr. Chen and Mr. Wang’s guidance and information. “Constantly strive for perfection and the pursuit of excellence” is not a slogan, but a practice of all Sanhua members. Sanhua will always hold on to low-carbon footprint innovations that provide energy-savings to support a high quality fresh and pure global environment.