Stone Shi Awarded Zhejiang Businessman of Technology

A live televised ceremony of the ninth “Zhejiang Businessman of Technology” was held in Hangzhou city, Zhejiang, eastern China on August 6. In an interview before the award ceremony, Stone Shi said,:"We won PACE award last year and thus car makers see SANHUA as an innovative company."


The ceremony started at 19:30. 19 finalist stand on the stage, answering the hostess several questions; three experts judges give scores, while all live audiences vote. accing to the total score, the top 10 finally won. At last, Stone Shi won the ninth “Zhejiang Businessman of Technology” with a high score of 391.0, ranking no. 3.

In the host Q&A segment, the well-known hostess, Ms Mao, who is familiar with Sanhua, commented on Sanhua’s innovation and development, saying “This excellence can be passed on.” She asked Stone: “What is the greatest change that you have brought to Sanhua, and what is the greatest change that Sanhua has taken to you?”

Shyly in the spotlight, Stone thought a little, then said: "I think, in terms of R&D, I’ve developed a series of new products, trained a number of technology talents, and d featured Sanhua R&D culture. Sanhua R&D ability is much stronger than many others. "

Sanhua gives me a lot. She gave me a great platform to play better and to stand here. "