Start of Sanhua New Energy Thermal Management Industrial Park

On August 8th, Sanhua Daming Industrial Park, many balloons heaving the sky, colorful flags flying, with surging crowds, Here is the groundbreaking ceremony of Xinchang County Transnational M&A Industrial Park (Daming New District) and Sanhua New Energy Thermal Management Industrial Park.

Leaders of Sanhua Holding Group, Yabo Zhang, Dayong Wang, and Xiaoming Ni, as well as government officials, other enterprises representatives, construction parties and medias attended the ceremony and witnessed this historical moment!

The ceremony began at 8:00 am. “like a cradle, Xinchang has nurtured several excellent enterprises.” President Zhang said in his speech, and he expressed that taking advantage of green policy, Sanhua will build this park as leading thermal management system industrial park with three key projects -“smart air handlers”, “advanced microchannel heat exchangers” and “new energy thermal management”. And world-class intelligent production lines, technology centers and test centers are in the works.

The initial project is “advanced heat exchanger projects with annual 1.6 million sets”. which is expect to be accomplished in 2022 with 700 million yuan investment. This project has positive significance for promoting energy conservation and green development.   At the same time, it provides a support for SANHUA's mass production to amplify the products superiority in the industry.

The Industrial Park marks that Xinchang, a dynamic and innovative city, is entering a new track, and it also marks Sanhua stepping onto a new era of upgrading. Sanhua Holding Group will carry forward the project with high-level opening up, high-quality development and high standards.