Chillventa 2018: Great Number of Visitors – Great Success for Sanhua Europe

Sanhua marked a successful Chillventa 2018 with a great number of visitors – more than 500 - and keen interest in Sanhua products and solutions including the SEC Revo, a fully new controller solution for refrigeration applications. Visitors also were highly interested in the wide range of Micro-channel heat exchangers (MCHE) as condensers and evaporators for different applications and Sanhua component readiness for new refrigerants such as R32, R448A/R449A, R452A, R450A/R513A, CO2 and flammable as R290 (Propane).

Sanhua Europe team met lots of present and potential customers and strengthen Sanhua position as a global player at refrigeration market. Every day during Chillventa there as a competition challenge “MDF coil installation” the faster participant was awarded.

Visitors were positively impressed by the way of solution presentations: as cut-away models of a R290/propane refrigeration cabinet, R290/propane hot-water heating pump and condensing units fully made of Sanhua components: MCHE evaporators & condensers, compressors, and other refrigeration components in combination with digital tools such as touch-screens and transparent OLED screens displayed interactive. A virtual reality area gave our visitors a virtual tour of our plants in China using 3D VR glasses.

“The Chillventa is an important barometer for a particular business and the branch, as well as an important platform for the exchange of expertise. That is why our performance was successful. Our team presented our newest products and our brand in front of a large, multicultural, expert audience. At the Chillventa, we have gained numerous pieces of inspiration and potential new, worldwide partnerships and projects, which are now part of our daily operations,” stated Ilan Peleg, General Manager of Sanhua International Europe.

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