SANHUA at the ICRT 2018: to Promote Energy Efficiency

The 5th International Conference on Refrigeration Technology (ICRT 2018) held grand opening ceremony on Dec.6th, in Zhuhai, China. Hundreds of experts, scholars and engineers from home and abroad attended the conference. Dr. Huang Lin-jie, Chief Scientist of Sanhua Holding Group, Mr. Huang Xuedong, Vice President of Sanhua Intelligent Controls and others attended.

The keynote speech focused on research progress and future development of refrigeration and air conditioning, compressors and motors, heat pumps and other related fields. Scholars and experts from top universities such as Tsinghua University, University of California, Berkeley, University of Maryland, shared their viewpoints and cased their latest research results upon the future development trend of refrigeration and air-conditioning, new cooling technologies, centrifugal refrigerator compressor etc.

Parallel session on Dec.7th focused on hot topics of refrigeration industry, with deep discussions on different technology fields. There were six parallel sessions, namely, international refrigeration technology standards and regulations, refrigeration and air conditioning control technology, simulation technology, heat and mass transfer, compressor and motor technology, energy conservation, emission reduction and development of refrigeration technology.

Dr. Gao Qiang delivered a keynote speech upon Application Study of Micro-channel Heat Exchanger on the Unitary Unit for North American, in which he compared micro-channel heat exchangers with conventional fin heat exchangers using experimental data to demonstrate the advantages of micro-channel heat exchangers in terms of high efficiency and low refrigerant ge. He illustrated with micro-channel application in residential unit for North America, especially the application in evaporators and heat pumps. Dr. Li Jiong delivered a keynote speech upon Opportunities and Challenges of Global Air Conditioning, in which he pointed out that it is imperative to promote global residential air conditioning and refrigerator energy efficiency standards. SANHUA is committed to the development of energy-efficient products, such as electronic expansion valve, micro channel heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger, inverter controller and so on. At the same time, SANHUA also commits to developing low GWP refrigerant CO2 and R290 products. It is believed that More efficient ACs in the Efficient Cooling Scenario reduces energy needs by more than 45% compared with the Baseline Scenario, saving 2 800 TWh of electricity in 2050. Sanhua will join in the energy efficiency revolution and makes its contributions to the fulfillment of Paris Agreement.

Dr. Huang Lin-jie, right, Chief Scientist of SANHUA at ICRT 2018.

In May, 2018, SANHUA declared to the partnership of United for Efficiency (U4E). On ICRT 2018, GREE ELECTRIC APPLIANCES, INC. declared its partnership with U4E and became the second company to join U4E in China. On Dec.7th, three partners namely U4E, GREE which represents the leading manufacturers of residential air conditioners, and SANHUA which represents the leading manufacturers of HVACR components, took an impressive photo on the same stage, and declared to the world that the three partners will join hands in hands to promote energy efficiency of residential air conditioners and refrigerators and push the global application of low-GWP refrigerants.

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