Sanhua Holding Group 2019 Annual Conference

Sanhua Holding Group annual conference was held in Xinchang Industry Park on January 14, 2019. Nearly 600 people attended the meeting, including board members, dle and senior managers, as well as representatives of grass-roots staff and new graduates. The meeting was hosted by assistant president Andrew Weng. The meeting is to summarize the business operation and achievements in 2018, and to prepare and do the job in 2019.

Zhang Yabo made a work report first. He said that we are faced with unprecedented, complex situations and tasks. Internationally, the world is undergoing turbulent changes, transformation and readjustment. In the context of multipolarity, economic globalization, Sanhua keeps its strategy of globalization and production improvement, and focuses on new energy vehicle thermal management development. In 2018, Sanhua Holding Group earned 25.1 billion yuan RMB with revenue increasing at a rate of 14%; while total profits, export sales and taxes maintains growth. Besides, Sanhua has made achievements in talent cultivation, financial control, full audit and ERP.

For the year of 2019, the international economic environment is more complex, but the future of new energy vehicle thermal management becomes clearer. Junior Zhang said, for Sanhua and Sanhua people, we are supposed to focus on creative technology innovation, towards high-quality development. Sanhua Holding Group keeps focusing on main business and gives priority to new energy vehicle thermal management; Sanhua business units place high value on their core products and core clients, improving products competence with technology innovation, and operation efficiency.

Afterwards, heads of Sanhua nine business units (Sanhua Residential, Sanhua Commercial, Sanhua Micro-channel, Leaderway Electronics(Sanhua Controls), Sanhua Aweco, Sanhua Automotive, Fuerda (new Sanhua family member, specializes in design and manufacturing a wide range of medium and high end vehicle-mounted intelligent electronic integrated control system, illuminating system, key functional parts& components and so on, more at www.fuerda-china.com/en/index.aspx), R&D center, Sanhua financial investment business)made reports to summarize their operations in 2018 and set tasks in the year of 2019.

Mr. Zhang Daocai delivered a speech about the achievement of 2018 and expectations of 2019. Sanhua has got good scores in 2018 and made achievement in lean production and quality control.

During his keynote speech, Senior Zhang noted that we must learn from excellent customers to reach the world’s highest-level. It is important to improve ourselves from learning different customers’ advantages. In the automobile sector, for example, US automakers like Tesla do well in innovation management, who is extremely fast in new products development. European automakers like BMW are good at system management, they has precise and compact plan, and strictly carries out quality control. Japanese automakers like Toyota are famous for excellent site management. Therefore, the development goes on without end. As Senior Zhang pointed out is that Sanhua should make all-round improvement in R&D, project management, marketing, upfront planning management, production management, quality-control, supply chain management and tooling. Besides, Sanhua would plan ahead and do spade work at quality management system and automation. All these are to be meet global top-notch customer requirements and laying the foundation for the development of Sanhua over a longer period of time. All Sanhua people should transcend traditional thinking, focus on creative innovation, and keep fighting to be the best.

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