Green Hangzhou and Blue Sanhua

——Recording president Zhang Daocai of Sanhua Holding Group in G20 Summit

“Good afternoon! Nice to meet you in Hangzhou! ” Chinese President Xi Jingping greeted everyone in Hangzhou International Conference Center on September 3 and B20 Summit opened.

From G20 to B20: Sanhua’s voice of global economic government in world stage

B20 summit, short for the group of 20 (G20) business activities, is an important activity of G20 summit. As one of the most significant forum of global economic government, G20 summit is held by China in Hangzhou this year. With global economy still in the period of “post-financial crisist” and deep change, this year G20 theme is “innovative, invigorated, interconnected and inclusive”. In early 2016, Mr Zhang Daocai, founder and president of Sanhua Holding Group, was selected to disscuss employment problem in B20 because of his industry influence at home and abroad. As B20 assistant of president Zhang Daocai, Mr. Huang Ningjie, vice president and chief scientist of Sanhua Holding Group, assisted to participate in regular discussion of employment group.

Sanhua’s view in B20: innovation and training to promote employment

Sanhua proposed active advices to promote employment. president Zhang Daocai put froward Sanhua’s view of employment growth in B20 employment group as following:

——In the short-term and partially employment growth is conflicting with technological innovation while from long-term and global view, it is not. The key is how to achieve inclusive development put forward by G20 summit through technological innovation.

——To create higher-quality and more jobs through technological innovation. Improve staff’s professional skills and cultural quality through training to help them adapt to more and better jobs.

——Technological innovation reflects in innovation of products and technologies on one hand, and create more energy-efficient, intelligent products and system solutions; On the other hand, it reflects in lean production, semi-automatic and automatic renovation, namely “machine substitution” to achieve more labour liberation.

——Talents is an enterprise most valuable assert. Train ordinary staffs to become talents with extra skills, to adapt to both the needs of enterprise’s development and staff growth. It is a kind of sustainable development model.

——Make redundants re-employment in enterprise new business through training instead of dismissal. The grass-roots staff with skills and loyalty is valuable to a manufacturing enterprise and product quality.

——From macroscopic level, government promotes the application of new technology to make job creation. Enhance youth and women's employability through diversified training and education provided by enterprise.

These core points were eventually absorbed into B20 employment documents and beome important contents of B20 policy proposals and reports.

From "Zhejiang business leaders" to "global business leaders”: self-motivated with heavy responsibility

More and more people know Sanhua and its points with society concern on B20. President Zhang Daocai’s thought is recognized and appreciated. Sanhua’s viewpoint and footprint were widely reported.

Ms Wu Guiying, executive director of B20 summit and president of Zhejiang trade promotion committee, fully agreed with Mr Zhang Daocai’s inclusive solutions. And she wished Zhejiang entrepreneurs who obtain global status learn to become "global business leaders” from "Zhejiang business leaders".

Mr Zhang Daocai deeply touched when listening to President Xi Jingping’s speech. It is strategic concept and development that Sanhua has been promoting for ten years! Sanhua develops from a small machinery workshop into global leading supplier that becomes strategic partner of global famous HAVC&R manufacturers. Snahua focuses on intelligent control and energy-saving products. Everyday a patent is born in Sanhua. President Zhang Daocai remembers all efforts that Sanhua staffs contribute to in Sanhua dedicate route and innovate dream. And he has more confidence with future development.

“During G20 summit, Hangzhou embraced more beautiful greens. We hope this charming scenery always keeps instead of a temporary memory. We believe we can achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction targets and create better living enviroment if we work hard together.”

“Sanhua devotes to build eco-friendly economy and focuse on leading energy-saving technology to strive to build human environment! We hope blue Sanhua makes contribution to green Hangzhou and a better world!”