Ms Shimin, President of CRAA Visits Sanhua

On September 13th, Ms Shimin, president of CRAA (China Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Industry Association) and her party visited Sanhua Meizhu Industry Park and Xaliquan Industry Park. Sanhua commercial department general manager Mr. Chen, Marketing director Frank and so on greeted them.

Ms Shimin visited Sanhua products and history gallery, as well as electronic expansion valve production line. Ms Shimin gave high recognition of Sanhua products, technology and field management. Ms Shimin is highly approved when Mr Chen introduced that Sanhua culture is “the flower of technology, management and talents”. That persistent pursuit of leading technology, continuous innovation of management philosophy and emphasis on professional talents contributes to Sanhua’s success.

After visiting, Ms Shiming communicated with Sanhua and Sanhua’s implement “three transformations” which put forward by Chinese president Xijingping is fully affirmed by Ms Shiming. “To transform made in China to created in China” is fulfilled by Sanhua technology input and leading technology. “To transform China celerity to China quality” is fulfilled by Sanhua’s evaluation and production system. “To transform Chinese producing to Chinese branding” is fulfilled by Sanhua’s customer-oriented, more than 50% oversea turnover and high reputation.

Ms Shimin thinks that numerous enterprises like Sanhua are the safe tickets to implement “made in China, 2025” to fulfill manufacturing power. CRAA is willing to absorb more opinions and suggestions to better serve enterprises and HVAC&R industry.

Ms Shimin places high expectations on Sanhua’s future. She hopes that Sanhua go forth and rise on the international stage. She expects Sanhua provide reference for more China domestic enterprise to show Chinese brand strength, especially Sanhua’s impressive success and experience in the progress of internationalization.