Zhejiang Vice Governor Liang Liming Visits Sanhua Accompanied by President Zhang Daocai

On October 9th, Ms. Liang Liming, vice governor of Zhejiang province visited Hangzhou economic and technological development zone and researched foreign-related enterprises’ development and demands. Deputy Secretary Chen Zongyao, vice mayor Xie Shuangcheng and persons from Department of Commerce came together. President Zhang Daocai of Sanhua Holding Group, CEO Zhang Yabo and Sanhua persons greeted them.

At noon, Ms. Liang Liming came to Sanhua Hangzhou Industry Park and visited Sanhua products gallery. Ms. Liang Liming communicated with President Zhang Daocai about Sanhua’s production and operation as well as strategic development.

President Zhang Daocai introduced Sanhua’s products and technologies, distribution network and development strategy. Energy conservation, emission reduction and intelligent control are Sanhua’s development orientation. That attaches great importance to strategic development to promote industrial upgrading contributes to Sanhua’s growing and development potential in a tough market environment.

Sanhua CTO Mr. Shi Chuliang introduced vehicles including new energy vehicles thermal management system and control components. Mr. Ni Xiaoming, general manager of Sanhua MCHE introduced the development of high-efficiency and energy-saving micro-channel heat exchanger. Sanhua automotive parts and MCHE grow by 50% in August export.

Ms. Liang Liming highly appreciates Sanhua’s sustainable development, and fully affirms Sanhua’s independent innovation and globalization operation strategy. She thinks that Sanhua goes ahead in strategy and action. She expects Sanhua to speed up global industry mergers and acquisitions, improve international competitiveness, and seize market share to make greater achievements.

Sanhua is a leading HVAC&R manufacturer of controls and components with global reputation, which was founded in 1984. Sanhua serves for world top 500 and China top 500 enterprises with leading main products share. Recent years, Sanhua acquired several foreign companies to achieve “design in China and made overseas” from “design overseas and made in China”. Meanwhile, Sanhua expands from AC to building energy saving, home appliance and vehicle thermal management.

Ms. Liang Liming was born in Xinchang, headquarter of Sanhua. She is mainly responsible for commerce, travel, foreign affairs, HK, Macao and Taiwan affairs as well as combat smuggling.