Feb 10 2020

Sanhua MCHE Laboratory Center is accredited with CNAS Certification

Test Center of Sanhua (Hangzhou) Micro Channel Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd. Established in 2007, dedicated to providing new samples testing, verification etc, supported the new products research and development as well as other required testing service. After more than 10 years development, the testing center has covered three main tests in heat exchanger and air conditioner performance test, reliability test, raw material analysis and test as well as other more than 20 testing items. At the end of December, 2019, the Test Center passed the audit of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), and obtained the National Laboratory Accreditation Certificate.

CNAS certificate is recognized as the highest award in the testing industry. As of now, CNAS has signed a mutual recognition agreement (MRA) with the International Laboratory Cooperation Organization (ILAC) in various inspection and testing fields. Meanwhile, the test center is also accredited with CNAS usage approval logo and ILAC-MRA/CNAS logo. This symbolizes that the quality management system and testing service capabilities of Center has been worldwide recognized, and the issued test results has the international authority and mutual recognition.  

The Test Center has 6 sets of comprehensive performance detection system for enthalpy difference, which all built by top manufacturers in the industry. The system is not only applied to performance test of air-conditioner as well as the heat exchanger, it also provides methods for developing and optimizing air conditioning systems / heat exchange systems.

In material analysis, the Test Center provides except for routine metallographic examination, also the micro-component analysis by electronic scanning, spectral analysis etc, so as to fundamentally promote the trend to more green.