Nov 01 2021

Sanhua VPF Electronic Expansion Valve Won The Third Prize of Zhejiang Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award

On Nov. 1st, Zhejiang Machinery Industry Federation published the list of Zhejiang Machinery Industry Awards. The Sanhua VPF electronic expansion valve, made by Zhejiang Sanhua Intelligent Controls, won the third prize of Zhejiang Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award.

VPF electronic expansion valve is mainly used in the cooling unit. It can control the flow of water quickly and precisely, to keep the system operate in optimal conditions. Especially in the low-range operation, it can keep the outflow of water in a static temperature and the performance of similar products in international markets is shadowed by VPF’s excellence in operation. The development of VPF has filled the gap in high-capacity products, broke the patent monopoly of foreign competitors. In the following 3 to 5 years, this product will be extensively applied. Its sales will increase 100% (compound growth rate) each year.

This award is a proof of Sanhua’s technological innovation and Sanhua People are motivated to make more breakthroughs with great confidence. In the future, Sanhua will gain more competitive edges with advanced technology and forge an international brand with world-leading quality. Sanhua also will lead the development of HVAC&R industry and contribute to China machinery industry by developing intelligent products, control units and systematic technological solutions.