Dec 14 2023

New Base and Breakthrough | Sanhua Industrial (Thailand) Company Opening Ceremony Holds Grandly

Sanhua Thailand Factory Opening Ceremony

On November 30th, the grand opening ceremony of Sanhua Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was held in the Thai Rayong Taichung Industrial Park. Local government officials, as well as company leaders such as Ni Xiaoming, General Manager of Sanhua Micro Channel, and Zheng Chunyong, Deputy General Manager, jointly unveiled the opening ceremony. More than 40 guests from major clients in Southeast Asia attended and witnessed the opening ceremony of the park. Sanhua has once again demonstrated its level of automation, mechanization, and innovation to industry clients and local communities through efficient, high-level construction progress.

During the opening ceremony, a lion dance performance pushed the atmosphere of the ceremony to a climax, and General Manager Ni Xiaoming and relevant leaders opened the eye-dotting ceremony of the lion and the unveiling ceremony of the plaque. The lion spits out the thunderbolt, the world opens up, and the gongs and drums open up, the lifelike lion symbolizes all the success, and also heralds the future development of SANHUA INDUSTRIAL (THAILAND) CO.

The opening ceremony was held in a warm and festive atmosphere, and General Manager Mr. Ni Xiaoming made an opening speech. Mr. Ni briefly introduced the sales growth of Sanhua microchannel products in 2022 and 2023, the reasons for the construction of Thailand factory and its second phase development plan. Mr. Ni emphasized that the Thailand factory has a professional team, which can provide customers with excellent products and high quality service, and sincerely invited customers to witness it together and strive to achieve win-win cooperation.

Naoto Sekita, President of Daikin Thailand, expressed his gratitude to Sankyo for actively building a plant in Thailand and his sincere wish to carry out more and wider business with Sankyo and realize deeper cooperation and development.

Mr. Hitoshi Suzuki, Minister of Technology of Mitsubishi Electric, Thailand, expressed his great pleasure at the establishment of Mitsubishi's plant in Thailand, pointing out that a long and deep cooperation and exchange between Mitsubishi and Mitsubishi has been realized. Microchannel products are more favorable to the use of environment and performance, so Mitsubishi chose to use microchannel products. Mr. Suzuki expressed his gratitude to Mitsubishi for the excellent quality, delivery, and service of the Mitsubishi Microchannel Cooperation Program since its mass production in 2019. Mr. Suzuki also kindly pointed out that the multiplication of Mitsubishi's "three" and Mihoshi's "three" makes "nine", which is the lucky number of Thailand, and that this is also the lucky number of Thailand. Nine" is the lucky number of Thailand, which also means that Mitsubishi and Sankohana will cooperate for a long time, and we hope to continue the solid cooperation.

General Manager Mr. Ni Xiaoming and Deputy General Manager Mr. Yan Zhiheng invited 12 customer representatives including Daikin Thailand, Mitsubishi Electric Thailand, JCH, Hisense, LG, Sharp Thailand, Toshiba Carrier and so on, to perform the ribbon-cutting ceremony together.

The guests were divided into four groups, China, Japan, Thailand, and Britain, to visit the factory production line in Thailand. Vice General Manager Yan Zhiheng introduced the innovative automatic production line process and advanced welding technology of the Thai factory from a professional perspective, in order to provide more stable product quality. The customer is satisfied with Sanhua's automation equipment and on-site management, and is willing to further increase cooperation with Sanhua in the future.

Sanhua Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd.was registered in January 2023, put into production in August. In September, it was recognized by customers and smoothly entered mass production. Sanhua's "quick response and immediate action" speed has once again been witnessed and recognized. With nearly 40 years of development, Sanhua is committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services. Wherever the market is, wherever the customers are, Sanhua is there.

The completion of the new factory in Thailand is an important component of Sanhua's globalization strategy and a significant commitment to the market and customers. Sanhua will continue to take the construction of new factories as an opportunity, continuously improve production capacity and technological level, become more globalized and localized, provide customers with higher quality products and services, inject new impetus into the company's future development, and make new contributions to the local economic development.

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