Zhang Yabo Wins “Gold Award of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs”

HANGZHOU, China, Nov. 29, 2017--The 4th World Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Convention held in Hangzhou International Expo Center, which focused on“Embracing a new era with open-mind and innovation”. Zhang Yabo, president of Sanhua Holding Group won “Gold Award of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs”.

The conference set up two awards: one is “Leading Enterprises” that did well in reform, opening, innovation and talents. Ten Zhejiang enterprises including Wanxiang Group, CHINT Group, Transfar and Hikvision were awarded. The other is “Gold Award of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs” who have made outstanding contributions in industrial transformation, business achievements, technology breakthrough, product creation, social responsibility and international influence, among which Zhang Yabo of SANHUA and Wang Shuifu of XIZI UHC won this award.

Accing to the prize announcement, “ Sanhua makes big breakthrough in EV thermal management and builds EV engineering center. Designed in China, made in the world , Sanhua will be more grand and prosperous.”

Che Jun, Party secretary of Zhejiang province, Xu Lejiang, minister of the CPC central committee, Yuan Jiajun, Zhejiang provincial governor, as well as Ma Yun, president of Zhejiang merchants association and Chairman of Alibaba Group presented awards together.

The Belt and Road of Zhejiang Enterprises Station held at the same time, Poland, Czech and Singapore became the first stations and Sanhua Aweco carries an important role in Poland station. Representative of Poland station, Zhang Yabo and Florian (logistic director of Sanhua Aweco), representative of Singapore station (FORCHN Group), Czech Station (Yiwu Municipal Government), all of them pressed the button together to lighten the Belt and Road of Zhejiang Enterprises Station on the background screen.

For the future of Poland station, Zhang Yabo said in an interview:

Sanhua acquired Aweco Group, which dedicated to key components of household appliance, such as refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, coffee machine etc. It is core supplier of world-class household appliance brands like Miele, BOSCH, SIEMENS, Electrolux and so on. Manufacturing center is in Tychy, Ploland, with 20 thousand square meters, nearly 1000 employee to provide European customers local products and service.

In the future, Sanhua will transfer part of automotive production line to Poland and supply directly to European market and deepen customer relations, seek to more ers and new product opportunities. Sanhua is willing to participate in the Belt and Road and provide more experience and resource sharing.

The World Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Convention is a grand meeting for all global Zhejiang entrepreneurs, held every two years. This meeting is the largest one more than 30 thousand Zhejiang entrepreneurs from all over the world attended.