Harry Eustice in Sanhua China

Harry Eustice talked his working and Life in Sanhua China in a TV interview.

Hello. My name is Harry Eustice, I work for Sanhua Automotive. I am recognized as one of the leading global experts in thermal management solutions.

The government of Xinchang provides excellent infrastructure and support for companies like Sanhua. And it’s known for its many many industries. It’s a multi-national place to do business. It also inspires much industry innovation, for example, Sanhua, based on the government in that area, was recently awarded PACE Award, which is an international design competition for innovation. We are the first Chinese-based company in over 24 years’ competition that won the award and that was because of Xinchang’s government support.

Xinchang is a great place to live, I really enjoy there. They make it very comfortable for foreigners like me to thrive there and I am happy to live there.