CPPCC member Zhang Yabo and NPC member Wang Qiuxia Attend the "Two Sessions" of Zhejiang Province

On Jan. 24 and 25, 2018, “Two sessions”of Zhejiang province——National People's Congress and the Chinese Political Consultative Conference (NPC&CPPCC)  opened in the Great Hall of the People in Zhejiang Province, which is very big things in politics.

Mr. Zhang Yabo, serving as CPPCC member of Zhejiang province, and Ms Wang Qiuxia, serving as NPC member of Zhejiang province attended the two sessions.

 Mr Zhang said he would take his responsibilities both in business operation, as well as CPPCC and social activities. The very moment of raising beginner’s mind is the accomplishment of true awakening itself. SANHUA uses energy-saving products and green technology to enterprise value and social value. and Mr. Zhang will propose valuable advice in industrial transformation and upgrading, intellectual property protection and other aspects of economic development in Zhejiang Province to make his contribution for economy and society development.

Ms Wang Qiuxia, who is a Sanhua technician, said as a new NPC member of Zhejiang province, she is very excited to attend the People's Congress. She will implement her obligations legally and seriously, exchange views in the areas that she is familiar with,give her advices and do a good job during the conference to make her contribution to Zhejiang development.