Sanhua is very honored to become a new Partner of United for Efficiency to accelerate the global transition to energy-efficient refrigerators and air conditioners. Sanhua is very pleased to join the campaign to a global green environment.

The United for Efficiency is a global initiative led by UN Environment, funded by the Global Environment Facility, and supported by leading companies, expert organizations and public entities with a shared interest in transforming markets for lighting, appliances and equipment.

“We are excited about this new collaboration agreement. We look forward to working with Sanhua on our global effort supporting developing and emerging economies to reduce electricity demand and save consumers $1 trillion by 2030, mitigating climate change and air pollution at the same time,” said Paul Kellett, Project Manager of United for Efficiency.

As a United for Efficiency Partner, Sanhua will support the development of new training and policy tools for United for Efficiency to use when helping ries on their journeys to energy efficiency. This includes supporting the of the United for Efficiency Country Savings Assessments by providing expertise and market intelligence.

By creating low-carbon and energy-efficient cooling and heating solutions in the HVAC&R and home appliances, Sanhua is committed to making sustained efforts to thermal energy efficiency and looking forward to providing our technical expertise and guidance to support market transformation.