Calling for the spirit of craftsman, rejuvenating nation by industry ——CEO Zhang Yabo awarded the honor of the leader of Young Businessmen in Yangtze River Delta

On December 23nd, Zhang Yabo, CEO of Sanhua Holding Group, and another 5 outstanding entrepreneurs won the honor of 2016 leader of Young Businessmen in Yangtze River Delta, at the 9th Yangtze River Delta Young Businessmen & Zhejiang Young Businessmen Forum.

China Yangtze River Delta Young Businessmen Forum is an annual public-beneficial economic Forum. At forenoon, 26 people were awarded as Annual Young Businessman Leader, Outstanding Young Businessman and Promising Young Businessman in Yangtze River Delta.

Zhejiang Young Businessmen Forum was held in the afternoon. More than 300 business elites from Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang had a joyful gathering. Centered on the theme that “the spirit of craftsmanship returns, the nation rejuvenates by industry”, representatives aroused a deep discussion. They all agreed that the spirit of craftsman was the source of transformation and upgrading of manufacture and supply-side structural reform. Leaders and experts in the forum also declared that China was in a critical period of economic transformation. Transformation successfully, will depend on the ability of innovation, the spirit of craftsmanship and the social responsibility of entrepreneurs.

As a leader enterprise in energy conservation in HAVC and auto industry, Sanhua persists in staying true to the mission and concentrates on technology. Under the circumstances, Sanhua has established a technology innovation team with Sanhua Center Academy as the core, producing one technical patent per day on average. Sanhua creates core value for customers of HAVC, home appliance and motor auto industry with intelligent energy-saving components, integration components and system solutions .