Sanhua Holding Group Convenes a Meeting to Share Quality Case

On December 29th, 2016, Sanhua Holding Group convened a meeting to share classic case in quality, which led by operation management department. Assistant president and HR director of Sanhua Holding Group, Weng Weifeng hosted the conference and acted as the chief judge, together with Wang Dayong of Sanhua Intelligence Control, Du Anlin of Sanhua MCHE and other participants, a total of 15 persons attended the meeting.

Twelve classic cases were shared in the meeting, which consisted of managerial experience, work summary, specific quality solution and summary of experiences and lessons. Vice President Wang Dayong summed it up and emphasized that products quality is the core competitiveness of Sanhua at present.

Six excellent representatives of “the best quality improving practice"were selected with one first prize, two second prizes and three third prizes after this meeting, among which “Quality Improvement Case of ND Evaporator Leakage” from Sanhua MCHE won the first prize.

In the later 2017 Sanhua Holding Group Annual Business Conference, Mr. Weng Weifeng hosted the award ceremony for quality classic case winners. President of Sanhua Holding Group, Mr. Zhang Daocai awarded for the first prize winner. President Zhang abo and Vice President Wang Dayong awarded for the second and third prize winner respectively. Mr. Weng Weifeng encouraged the award-winning representatives to continue theY quality improvement and practice the "strive for perfection and pursuit of excellence". He appealed all staff to participate in the quality management and improvement of the practice.