Sanhua Intelligent Attends CAR Meetig

Xi’an, China, Nov. 15-17, 2017——Sanhua Intelligent attended CAR (Chinese Association of Refrigeration) meeting in Xi’an, Shaanxi province. The event is held every two years and theme of CAR 2017 is “Energy-saving, Environmental protection and Innovation”. More than 1300 people from association, academy, company and media participated in the meeting.

At 9:00 a.m., the meeting is official opening with the ws of president Jin Jiawei of CAR, who expressed the wishes of sustainable development of China's refrigeration industry in his speech.

MCHE symposium and symposium on energy- saving system was held on the morning of 16th, Dr. Gao Qiang from Sanhua Micro-channel and Mckie Meng from Sanhua Intelligent made a technical report respectively.

Dr. Gao’s report "Application Research of R290 in Micro-channel Condenser" attracted much attention. Dr. Gao analyzed the background from the Paris Agreement, global warming by CFCs and greenhouse gases, and refrigeration policy of in the United States, Japan and Europe, he concluded that R290 is environmentally friendly with no ozone-depleting and no global warming. R290 has excellent thermal acteristics, but its flammability is the key problem. Sanhua Micro-channel heat exchanger have been successfully used in household air conditioner, freezers and heat pump dryers with its better performance in energy efficiency and reducing refrigerant ge.

In Mckie’s speech, He analyzed the influence of heat loss and pressure loss of 4-way reserving valve on system energy efficiency, and put forward“intermediate flow”of 4-way reserving valve and made a conclusion that 4-way reversing valve for inverter system must control the internal leakage at high and low pressure simultaneously.The use of PPS+ carbon fiber slider design helps to maintain a low level of internal leakage after long-term operation.

During tea break, Sanhua booth received a large number of customers and academician, MCHE, EEV and its controller, pressure sensor are very popular. MCHE is environmentally friendly ( to reduce refrigerant ge) and high efficiency (to increase heat transfer efficiency). Sanhua EEV+controller +pressure sensor provides a one-stop solutions for refrigeration application.

The emergence and development of 4-way reversing valve has been more than half a century, and the inventor and shaker Ranco is now one sub-brand of Sanhua. It takes about 10 years that micro-channel heat exchanger is used in household appliance. And in recent years, R290 is reused as a kind of environment-friendly refrigerant. Sanhua’s pursuit of green innovation has been forward.