Sanhua Holding Group Starts

【Anunusual training】

When mentioning “training”, most people will immediately have such a picture in their minds: PowerPoint playing on a big screen, lecturers spouting eloquent speeches, trainees taking notes diligently... And then? after training, are the notes internalized by the trainees, and used in practical work?

Thinking and walking——It is why we organize this training for Sanhua managers. Accing to overall planning strategy of Sanhua group, the “Voyage Elite” training aims to enhance core leadership ability of dle management, strengthen echeloned construction of human resource. The training focuses on strategy execution and problem resolution, through leadership theory + exercise, this kind of combination helps trainees apply theory practice.

【The day of drizzle is the time when we sail】

In -October, Sanhua Holding Group "Voyage Elite" training project kicked off in Sanhua Meizhu Industrial Park. More than 40 ed Sanhua employees participated in the training ceremony. Mr. Chen Yuzhong, President Assistant of Sanhua Holding Group, Mr. Andrew Weng, President Assistant and HRD of Sanhua Holding Group, attended the ceremony and made speech. They expounded the talent cultivation system of the Sanhua Holding Group in the speech, and higher requirements and expectations have been put forward for all participants in the training course.

The training course was organized by the Sanhua Holding Group HR department. The first task trainees received is to make class regulations. All the trainees had group discussion and gave each other advice. After giving full play to the wisdom of every participant, the class rule comes out as following:

Purpose: to be a mentor and model for pioneer, to become an excellent leading practitioner.

Vision: to an excellent team, and strive for Sanhua hundreds of billions revenue.

Values: integrity, innovation, cooperation and win-win, optimistic and dedication.

Taking this as a guide, all participants will earnestly fulfill the idea of thinking and walking, apply what they gained from the training to the work, and work together to achieve the compelling vision of Sanhua. In this drizzle morning, "Voyage Elite" training has been officially sailed!