Sanhua and Haier Build Joint Lab on ASHP Technology

Hangzhou, China, March 22, 2018 -- Sanhua-Haier ASHP joint lab was announced to open in Hangzhou Sanhua Industry Park. Representatives from Haier and Sanhua attended and witnessed the grand opening ceremony.

Sanhua-Haier ASHP joint lab is focus on researching and developing air source heat pump technology through further cooperation, built jointly by Sanhua (Hangzhou) Micro Channel Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd and Haier Water Heater Co., Ltd. This lab is Haier’s third joint laboratory and first MCHE laboratory in the world. And this lab is Sanhua’s first joint laboratory built together with strategic partners.

Mr. Yang Lei, GM of Haier water heater heat pump industry was invited to give his opening remarks. He said that Haier adheres to the idea of global R&D which requires global resources. Heat exchange is essential for air-source heat pumps. Haier has built up long-term cooperation with Sanhua, and both sides accumulated rich experience during in-depth cooperation. Mr. Yang introduced air source heat pump market information and Haier’s relevant information in 2017. He thinks that air source heat pump industry has a bright prospect and Haier will lead the market with excellent products which requires working with best resources worldwide. Sanhua-Haier ASHP joint lab will strongly support the growth of Haier air resource heat pump, and Sanhua Micro Channel will have a brilliant future.

Mr. Ni Xiaoming, expresses his welcome and thanks in his following rremarks. He said Sanhua Micro Channel is a leading enterprise in the field of micro channel heat exchanger, having strong research and design abilities, as well as rich experimental facilities. This joint lab is another intimate collaboration between Sanhua and Haier, giving full play to the superior resources of both sides. It is a kind

of new cooperation with old friend. At last, Mr. Ni wishes more and better series of heat pump products are made with full cooperation between the two sides.

The Opening Ceremony

At 10:20 am, with the unveiling of board by Mr. Yang Lei, Mr. Pu Cunde from Haier and Mr. Ni Xiaoming and Mr. Du Anlin from Sanhua, Sanhua and Haier move forward together to a new cooperation stage officially. Then Mr. Yang Lei and Dr. Gao Qiang received media interviews.